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It is a very common issue that generally laptop users face at most unfortunate times, which is their Keyboard or Keypad is dead or not working. Mouse pad sensor not detecting anything or is too sensitive to the touch, function keys are not working when you were performing a boot, or Esc Key is not escaping anything at all, or whenever you are using the Internet, functioning of few keys interchanges, etc are some of the common issues that many of you have gone through while using your laptop.

When the problem with your laptop’s keypad is not on the hardware level, then it is somewhat easy for you to troubleshoot the problem yourself. How? Compuparts Solutions Inc, a laptop spare parts online supplier, have list down some ways to overcome such issues –

  • Check for Scraps

Your laptop may not be old, but it doesn’t mean that it is immune to your doings. Your eating stuffs or other activities over your laptop can cause debris or scraps to stick inside your keypad. Your keyboard being a delicate device can stop working because of this. So, it is very important to make sure that it stays clean at all times.

  • Reboot/Restart Your PC

When your laptop keyboard becomes unresponsive or stops working unexpectedly, what you can do is restart your laptop. This action though simple can take care of your various issues ranging from plain to complex concerns. However, if rebooting your laptop does not help, then try the next step.

  • System Restore

It may be the case that your laptop’ keyboard impudence is because of some software installation that hampered its working. So, what you can do is restore your laptop to a point when your keypad was working normally. This will fix the keyboard issue if caused by installing any unknown software. This action can only be done if you have created a system restore point in your laptop.

  • Driver Problems

There may also be the case, when your laptop repair is basically to upgrade your software or may need to install additional software on the laptop to correct the problem that occurred. Thus, with the help from our expert technicians, one can re-install the laptop’s drivers again, resolving the issue that occurs due to a problem with conflicting third party software applications on the laptop.

  • Enable On-Screen Keyboard

If you have some important task at hand and your keypad is not working, then you can try this temporary solution until you got your keyboard fixed. The solution is enable the on-screen keyboard, if your touch-pad is working. If not, connect a USB mouse with your laptop and then enable the on-screen keyboard.

For this, Go to Start menu >> All programs >> Accessories >> Ease of access and then click On-screen keyboard.

If all the above steps do not help with your problem, then what you need is our expert professional repair services to fix your laptop keyboard. We also offer laptop repair parts, if you are in need of any and which you can buy at our online store.

For our technical help with your laptop hardware problems or any other, call us on + (305) 256-5646 or email us at

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