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Repair Service Questions

Q. May I keep my hard drive?
A. Yes. We understand that data is confidential and valuable to you. We have the standard hard drive to test your computer. We don’t touch your data; however, you have the choice not to send the hard drive with the computer.

Q. Can I send the whole laptop?
A. Yes, you can send the whole laptop, if the motherboard is repaired, we will charge you $170 for the laptop repair service or $275 for Apple laptop repair service. This will include the motherboard repair, the return shipping and the parts.

Q. How do I pay?
A. You just need to add the repair service to the shopping cart and pay via the website during checkout.

Q. What if you can’t fix my motherboard or laptop?
A. Some computers damage the circuit level which is beyond the repair. We will send the computer or motherboard back to you with the corresponding refund minus return shipping cost.

Q. How long does it take?
A. The turnaround time is 3-5 Business days. Next business day services for power jack.

Q. What’s the warranty?
A. We offer a 90 days warranty on all repairs done, this will also include a money back guarantee.

Q. Do we use new chips, reballed or Reflow?
A. We only replace Brand new chipsets or video chips, we do not reflow or reballed any chip as it is the most inefficient way to fix a motherboard

Q. Can I purchase the parts to repair the laptop myself?
A. Yes, Compuparts solutions does repair for many repair shops and provide parts as well. You can contact us at for further information.

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